Artist Charis Félice has launched her own art project called the Slutster Art Project with the slogan “We like you, we share you, we recommend you.”

By drawing portraits on body’s and clothing, Charis Félice is connecting strangers with eachother on events, festivals and in company’s. Instead of online likes you can also give someone an offline like by showing their portrait on your body, t-shirt or tote bag.

Charis Félice likes to work together with other artists that like to draw portraits to give them recognition in the form of promotion and awareness of their art. “I like to give people recognition to show them they matter. And besides that it is much more fun to wear a t-shirt with a person you could meet on the street then a popstar.” Making a connection between people is also a very important motivation for Charis Félice to launch this project to create a better understanding between people.