This tree has often been deemed “the most gorgeous tree in the world”.


This 146-year-old Wisteria located in Japan looks nothing like your ordinary tree. With branches protruding out half-a-mile long, standing beneath this tree makes you truly feel like you’ve slipped into another world. A world where an enchanted pink sky hangs like a canopy overhead.

The pink and purple blooms typical to the wisteria tree are spread wildly throughout, extending far and wide. The ginormous vines stretching out of the tree are held up by steel rods placed throughout. Otherwise, the weight of the branches would cause the tree to collapse in on itself–potentially trapping awed visitors inside!

There are wisteria trees in many parts of the world, but one of the most well-known gorgeous giants is located at  Ashikaga Flower Park. After looking at these photos Japan is on our bucket list for sure!

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Image credits: P-Zilla

Image credits: y-fu


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