Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

an emerging poet and visual artist, based in Seoul, Korea.

The artist’s interests vary from photography to paper cutting, showcasing the range of his talent and creativity. Erasure Poetry is a project in which the artist explores the malleability of text in the form of erasure and found poetry. He finds his material in old discarded library books, which he burns with a soldering iron. Estabrook later chooses the pages he finds more interesting and cuts them around the text he wishes to highlight, revealing new poetic narratives, seen from his own point of view and created with his on style.

Estabrook creates shapes that look like weird mapped countries with human-hand ends, adding his own personality in the remains of the found books. By photographing them, these works exist as memorials to the books, further documenting their fragility and allowing the viewer to interpret them through their own views and experiences.


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