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Mercedes-Benz and BBDO Portugal teamed up to design the brand’s first ever surfboard, for famous surfer Garrett McNamara.

Garrett “GMAC” McNamara is an American professional surfer and a big fan of extreme water-sports. Amongst McNamara’s achievements is that he holds the world record for largest wave ever -78 foot (24 m)- surfed at Nazaré, Portugal, and riding tidal waves from calving glaciers in Alaska.

The big wave surfer is well-known for chasing storms, exposing himself in extreme situations. The result of the Mercedes-BBDO collaboration is “Silver Arrow of the Seas”, a surfboard especially made for McNamara and his surf style, with a high-tech integrated telemetry system that allows the surfer to keep a record of his runs.

Unfortunately, and while this is the first Mercedes-Benz surfboard design, this is not a market the brand is looking into entering, as the “Silver Arrow” was designed specifically for an athlete, sponsored by the company.

via designfather