The Idea

After hearing about all the accidents and injuries Pokemon Go has caused in the last few weeks (traffic accidentsbroken bonespedestrians hit), a few San Francisco creatives wanted to remind people to be careful.

The result is a series of safety signs featuring adorable Pokémon Road Kill. The posters and decals show Pikachu, Squirtle and other Pokémon favorites all run over by traffic, with the hashtag #GoSafely. The signs were put up around San Francisco, specifically at Pokémon Gyms and high-traffic intersections.

About the Creatives

We’re four San Francisco creatives who work in advertising. This art project was created completely independently and in no way related to our employers. 

1 Pikachu_sm.jpg2 Charmander_sm.jpg3 Bulbasaur_sm.jpg4 Squirtle_sm.jpg1_Pika_Poster.jpg2_Squir_Poster.jpg3_Char_Poster.jpg4_Bulba_Poster.jpgPosters_Insitu_sm.jpg