Look at this cute furball turning into a dinosaur and a shark.


Pet owners can agree that having a pet isn’t always an easy thing. Especially when your pet has a big personality.

Tina Hoand adopted a cat called Masuka. When she took him from the streets he was only 4 months old and so cute as a button. As he grew older he started showing his love for water. Every time he heard the sound of water he just ran towards the sound. It could be from the sink when her owner was washing her face or the watercooler from the fridge, which he knows how to use like a pro. He didn’t lose the chance to hop in even in the shower.

But lately he started to prefer another way to enter the shower room. He definitely knows how to go around the shower curtain but as you will see he prefers to make a hole, hang his head and enjoy the waterfalls. As any pet owner, Tina couldn’t get mad with this adorable face so that’s when the fun begun. She started drawing different kind of animals every time he made a new hole.

Take a look at this adorable face transforming into other animals.