Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

I find that there is a sort of allure and magic in second-hand books. Maybe it’s the thrill of someone having owned and cherished the book you now love and get lost in, yourself, like somehow being connected with a complete stranger over the same thoughts, feelings and experiences. This precious feeling is captured and recreated, though in a completely different way through artist Sarah of House of Ismay.

This London-based artist uses reclaimed wood, varnish, a steel pin and, crucially, worn out pages from classical books to create beautiful brooches. Her creations are unique and shaped into iconic forms and characters, indicative of the books’ content, such as a rabbit from a page of Alice In Wonderland or a raven for Edgar Allan Poe’s poem of the same name. Providing book lovers with a great way to carry their favorite literary creations always close to their hearts, the decorative pins are made by recycled materials, as the artist states that “using recycled and reclaimed vintage materials helps to create products that have an instant feeling of history and familiarity.”

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