by Agape Charmani

Embroidering seems to be a trend amongst artists nowadays, while a popular theme for their creative minds, is interpreting the human anatomy in their own way.

Artist Juana Gomez sees herself as an observer of nature. Fascinated by its strange ways and living miracles, the artist uses the magical human body as her subject in her series, Constructual. Veins, human organs and muscles are depicted in a very artistic, yet realistic way, as the use of embroidering makes parts such the brain or the eye, look as real as ever.

These embroideries are based on the repetition of a structure that is fundamental for the organic and inorganic world, which explains the complexity of the forms that arise in nature. Its iconic shape is the tree, which is replicated in our internal organs, while the nervous and blood systems remind of the course of rivers and communication networks and transportation. Constructual theory seeks to explain all these phenomena, whose survival depends on its ability to maximize the flow that is altering its shape,” she writes on her website.

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