by Maria Sofou

The online sales giant has been under fire as the company’s Italian branch sold a children’s ‘refugee’ costume ahead of the Venice Carnival.

The outrageous costume for young boys and girls, marked as “wartime refugees” from the World War I and World War II era period, sparked great controversy and has been removed from Amazon IT’s online catalogue after complaints of insensitivity in light of Europe’s ongoing migration crisis that has caused hundreds of children to die.

Oliviero Forti, director of the immigration division of Caritas, one of Italy’s largest Catholic charities, denounced sales of the costume as “shameless” and called UK retailer “Fancy Me” (the British company that sells the costume) to donate costume sale proceeds toward life vests or other aid items for refugee children.“My criticism is not aimed at Amazon, but rather at the British company selling the costume,” Mr. Forti told the Telegraph. “It is a question of good taste and of having the courage in certain moments to recall products that are no longer appropriate.”

At a time when children are dying every day in the ongoing Syrian crisis, the costumes are completely outrageous and insulting. It is truly hard to imagine that people would spend money on such an offensive costume, rather that giving it to help the situation. Shameless.

"Wartime Refugee Evacuee" Costume Sold By a UK Fancy Dress Retailer is Yanked Off Amazon in Italy after Carnival Complaints has removed from its online catalog a "refugee" fancy dress costume for children after a barrage of complaints. The flap over the insensitive costume on sale for 24-30 Euros emerged the day after corpses of 20 children were retrieved from the Aegean sea, and dozens more were rescued in horrific, cold conditions as Mediterranean sea crossings continue through the winter. "Maybe the company could invest the same money to buy a lifejacket for a child who perhaps finds him or herself in this moment in the middle of the sea," commented Oliviero Forti, of the Caritas Catholic charity. "This commercial message in such a delicate moment in history is truly shameful and should be stigmatised." agreed the product was "in terrible taste" and removed it from its online offerings. I had a look and it appears the UK retailer, Rugby-based "Fancy Me" is still selling the outfit featuring WW1 and WW2 era refugee girl and boy carrying tiny suitcases in the UK, on The outfit is apparently frequently sold with an "evacuee tag."

via The Telegraph