We all take pride in our children’s feats and accomplishments of any kind. Many of us put up their creations or decorate the fridge door with the little ones’ inspirations on tiny pieces of papers.



For the last seven years Keith Anderson, a proud dad (self-characterised as climber, adventurer, student and bike enthusiast) who lives in Peterborough, Ontario has been doing something entirely different and quite amazing. He gets his son’s doodles and drawings tattooed.


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It all started when his son was 4 years old when Anderson got his son’s doodle inked for the first time. Since then, it has become a tradition. His goal is one tattoo for every year until his arm is filled with a sleeve. This tradition has brought father and son closer together. Kai, Anderson’s son, has given him the perfect present: The Poetry book. A book filled with poems and tattoo sketches.

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Kai fully understands the lengths his father has gone and is willing to go to for him and has already started to develop a passion for art. One day while escorting his dad to the tattoo parlor, he even had a go at tattooing his father.
The snapshots, taken by photographer Chance Faulkner, show the devoted and committed father proudly presenting his tattoos to us.

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How long will this be going on? Anderson shares it in an interview with the photographer:
“We will keep going until he doesn’t want to do it anymore. At this pace he is still very excited about it, so we’ll keep going. People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.”