Get ready to be socked…literary!

Which of us hasn’t wished for the following: Someone, or something, that would prevents us from ever buying again, something totally unnecessary. Something we can’t really afford, as well. Which of us hasn’t wished for someone, or something, that would prevent us from ever eating another morsel or bite of junk food. Well, wishing it, isn’t enough… apparently buying it is the answer…

Image credits: Amazon

And you can buy it from the good people of Amazon, who are aiming, to stop fellows like us, without a measurable quantity of self control inside of us, from overspending and overeating.

So, it’s called Pavlok, and it’s presenter as a “behavior training device that works by utilizing Aversive Conditioning”.

Pavlok doesn’t stop at junk food and overspending thought. It is designed to help you stop wasting time online, biting your nails, sleeping in, etc.

Image credits: TheRxReview

How it works? Let the men who created it, explain it. “Using the slightly uncomfortable stimulus of a shock, Pavlok helps train your brain to associate the bad behavior with the uncomfortable stimulus. And after as little as a few weeks of associating the two with consistent use, your brain begins to say:

‘Hey, wait a second. Maybe I DON’T like smoking.’

‘Hey, wait a second, maybe that donut doesn’t do much for me at all.’”

Image credits: Amazon

Let’s close up with some reviews.