Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

It is of course a known fact that meat, vegetables and other similar food products can be turned with a little or a lot of preparation into a delicious meal, but does the same thing stand for yarn and wool, as well? Well, apparently it does, as UK-based artist Kate Jenkins, has created a series titled Crocheted Food Art, that includes delicious-looking, fully detailed, knitted food items.

Jenkins, who makes a living out of selling crochet garments and toys under her own label, names her yummy creations with such crochet puns as Spaghknitti & Meatballs or Sewshi, and her collection contains fish and chips, hamburgers and a full sushi meal, naturally, complete with knitted chopsticks and cutlery. The British artist does not even hesitate to add a mustache and a hat to a burrito or to turn her crocheted French fries really French, with little woolly berets and typical striped shirts.

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