They say people who’re afraid of dolls are idiots. They say coulrophobia is a joke. They say horror movies are not scary at all.

If your friends belong in one of the above categories as well, please show them this article and watch them sweat.

The pictures below are unique documents explaining the reasons why the 20th century was so fucked up. I mean, it all makes sense now! Imagine being a kid and having to play with one of the dolls depicted in the images below. We can’t think of any other reason than punishment, as to why a parent would buy one of these dolls to their kid -the reason actually is that they were the only ones on the market, but we’re sure that playtime was not a joyous moment for kids back then.

And then those kids grew up and ruined humanity.

 ScaryVintageDolls281229 ScaryVintageDolls28129  ScaryVintageDolls28229


ScaryVintageDolls28429 ScaryVintageDolls28529


ScaryVintageDolls28729 ScaryVintageDolls28829

ScaryVintageDolls28929 ScaryVintageDolls281029