Donald Trump must be the most loved person in the world right now. After his popular quote, “I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration. If I win, they’re going back”, at during an evening rally held in Keene, New Hampshire, everybody want to fuck Trump.

Well, Saint Hoax thought of the perfect way to combine sex with Trump and refugee aid. Donald Trump doesn’t want refugees in America so we’re going to help them during their crossing the Mediterranean Sea and on top of that fuck our favorite presidential candidate. The “Blow Up Trump” is available for pre-order on the Saint Hoax’ website, while the net proceeds of the project will be donated to the UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency and their cause to provide food and supplies to the refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tramp-3334-2_grandeff_c2c8962d-7e6d-4e31-8079-d8592be962b7_g Tramp-3334-2_grandefff_3123da09-1fd3-44d8-945e-e9672ca67f6b_ Tramp-3334-2_grandejjjj_0ee7cf99-287f-4b72-9bf1-14644d91f182 TRAMP_03_grande

The Middle Eastern artist also provides us with a few words regarding his creation, his masterpiece. Make sure you read them and know them by heart, to enhance the erotic experience.

“Political leaders are our own personal sex dolls. We need them to fulfill a certain undisclosed pleasure. We purchase a humbled vinyl body and blow it up into a leader. 
With each breath, we exhale expectations. 
With each expectation, we exhale power. 
Then that power shapes into a figure.
As we stare directly into the painted eyes of our new saviors, we realize that they cannot see us. Although we’d like to think more of them, our blown up leaders are filled with nothing but air, and they are a needle POP away from going back to the hollow vinyl exterior they once were.”