A little bit over a month ago, Laila Laurel a student in the University of Brighton posted several pics of men and women sitting in two different chairs. There are two chairs designed by Laila Laurel. One is designed for men. The other, for women. Her custom chairs are part of her art piece titled “A Solution for Man-spreading”.

As seen in the photos below, the man-chair compels the man to sit with his legs pointing inwards. Thus not allowing his legs to flare out. While the woman-chair forces the woman’s legs to open, via the block in the center of the design.

In July, this concept won Laila a design award. Almost immediately, news sites and channels from all around the world, covered the story. It has since become a subject for controversy.

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With this amount online notoriety and controversy, memes are abundant. We found some of the best online and present them to you.

 Woman with new chair me getting my public space invaded by womanspreading

FACTS 8y KENT WEBB DR the manspreading chair promotes sexism and whoever gave an award to it is fucking stupid
Woman Wins An Award For Designing Chair That Stops Manspreading feminist" "feminist"
'Manspreading' chair wins award for forcing dudes' legs together By Christopher Cameron July 19, 2019 2:30pm Updated Laila Laurel designed his and hers chairs to show the way men and women "command space." PERVETS LOOKING AT WOMEN WEARING DRESSES
Apart from the sexism, can we talk about how shitty these chairs are in their design itself? Way too smai backres harp corners aene ganOmcsear