Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

This beautiful, sensual photography series by Mike Dargas, is actually not a photography series. The artist painted a set of hyperrealistic portraits, depicting women whose faces are covered in honey that look as if they are photographs.

Dargas cleverly and skilfully “narrates” the path the honey follows from the women’s head all the way to their chin, while the pouring liquid implies that it goes down to their chest. These up-close images draw the attention of the viewer, with their intense and pure eroticism, while Dargas’ technique and delicate details offer the viewer the illusion that what they’re looking at is actually real.

Dargas’ models are everyday women who are different looking and of different styles. “He portrays young and old, beautiful and dark, fragile and strong people. They are lost in thoughts, show inner conflicts or transmit a unique and sometimes even holy calmness,” states on his website.



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