Two of our favorites things here at Art-Sheep is animals and old Hollywood stars. So imagine our enthusiasm when these two are combined.

From Rita Hayworth to Alfred Hitchcock, looks like these celebrities had a soft spot not only for dogs and cats, but for all kinds of creatures of the animal kingdom. As you will see below for example, Jeanne Crain used to roam the streets with her baby lion. What for? Probably for no fucking reason at all, but who are we to judge a person’s affection for their pet, right?

Alfred Hitchcock talking with his little friend
Animal lover Audrey Hepburn and her pet
Anthony Perkins and his cat
Ava Gardner with her pet corgi, ca. 1950s
Bette Davis with Lonesome the kitten, April 1943
Betty Grable with her cat Whitney, 1935
Buster Keaton and his monkey
Carole Lombard with her husky dog
Cary Grant with a little dog in his pocket
Clark Gable and his baby goat
Debbie Reynolds with her little dog, ca.1950s
Edward Everett Horton posing with his dog
Eleanor Parker and her little dog, 1945
Elizabeth Taylor washing her dog
Gary Cooper, with his dog the breed is a Sealyham
Grace Kelly and her lovely dog
Gregory Peck with his beloved dogs
Greta Garbo with her dog
Humphrey Bogart playing with his dog
Humphrey Bogart with his pet boxer, 1949
Ida Lupino with her little kitten, 1941
Ingrid Bergman with her pet, 1944
Jane Fonda explaining to her cat
Jayne Mansfield serenading her dogs
Jeanne Crain with a baby lion in her car
Jimmy Stewart and his dog
Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons relaxing at home with their pets
Tallulah Bankhead playing with her pet lion, Winston Churchill, 1941
Tyrone Power and his wife Annabella at home with their adopted baby goat, ca. 1940s
Vivian Leigh and her beloved cat
Young Groucho and Harpo Marx with their terrier
Young Shirley Temple with her dog Buster, 1933
Kim Novak and her pretty cat
Lauren Bacall with her beloved dog
Laurence Olivier and his lovely cat
Leonard Nimoy with his dachshund dog
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller with their basset hound Hugo
Marlon Brando listening music with his cat
Mary Pickford and friends
Maureen O’Hara with her adorable pups
Natalie Wood and her poodle
Paul Newman and wife with pups
Roy Rogers and Trigger
Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova with their dogs
Sonja Henie with her dog, 1938
Sophia Loren teaching her dog in a hunting play
Spencer Tracy and his Irish setter
Rita Hayworth and admirer