by Maria Sofou

Julia Fox, artist and head designer of Franziska Fox brand, has recently released a raw, autobiographical art book called Heartburn/Nausea. The book is a collection of documents from the artist’s life, including photographs, personal messages and a number of personal details.

Fox invites us in her past in a way that is so honest that can make the reader uncomfortable. She shows really intimate fragments of her life, exposing her troubled memories and constructing a really raw journal. Not hesitant at all, the artist shares her most vulnerable moments with the world. When asked by journalist Rose Holtermann about the book, Fox answered: “It’s just a picture book of artifacts and stuff I have collected over the years. I’m not sure what the message behind it is. I guess since my life is so different now and I’m somewhat successful and happy, the message is that it’s ok to be fucked up. It’s ok to have a past. And more importantly it’s ok to show your vulnerability and your weaknesses. And if you are fucked up and able to use it to your advantage, you are probably more interesting and insightful than most. So just like don’t be ashamed of yourself.”

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