Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Chen-Dao Lee is a Taiwanese Realist artist. In his latest work, the artist has created a world of violence, vengeance and a lot of semi-naked women.

With titles such as Cat fight – Love Kick, Boss, Not The Hero Type and Play Solo, Lee introduces the viewers to a mysterious and erotic body of work, with his pop images reflecting as dark objects of desire on the viewers’ mind. These anime-like, twisted paintings depict a world where men are perverse pigs and women are fighting Amazons.

Armed with guns and weird socks, Lee’s characters are furious and cynic individuals who strive to survive in a world where fighting seems to be the only way of communicating. Expressing their emotions through violent and excessive reactions, Lee’s heroes fully embrace every single feeling that passes through their body. Using sarcasm with a dark twist of sadomasochism, Lee presents a world where existing is a matter of fighting off opponents.


Valentineoil-painting-53x80cm 2hiho 4-Tender-IV-s 130124-80181-4ok_o Cat-Fight-Love-Kick-.-2013-small_o Girl-with-the-Maskoil-painting-53x80cm IICat-Fighters-IIoil-painting-80x601_o III IV-1_o Midnight-Blues-small_o Not-the-Hero-Type-Ioil-painting-116x72.5cm_o ok -Sabrina---Lydia-sPlay Solooil painting-116x72.5cm-S