Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Kuinexs, self-taught Italian artist pays homage to both legendary Francis Bacon and photographer Terry Richardson, in a visually intriguing, unique project. In his series Photodissolutions, the artist uses paint solvents to distort the surface of erotic images from Richardson’s Terryworld, moving on to use the dissolved colors as paint, recreating the original photos’ models as blurry, visceral figures of an enigmatic, mystical eroticism.

Usually dealing with carnal themes, intimate moments and human sexuality, the distorted forms and red and black hues make strong connections to base, primal desires and unify the sensual with the grotesque in this truly interesting series of artworks.

Kuinexs_10  Kuinexs_02 Kuinexs_03  Kuinexs_05 Kuinexs_06 Kuinexs_07 Kuinexs_08 Kuinexs_09Kuinexs_04