by Agape Charmani

Are you a foodie? Are you one to obsess over food Instagram pictures and blogs? Well, this artist is going to be your favorite!

Tom Martin is a UK-based artist who has exhibited in big galleries and fairs. Known for his hyperrealistic works, Martin works with acrylic on aluminum panels or board panels. His series of food and alcohol pictures, stuns with its realism and extreme detail.

Incorporating naked women and unusual settings, Martin creates a work that balances between the realistic depiction of common things and a surreal take on his experiences.

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A_Wok_Full_by_hyper_tom Three_Glasses_by_hyper_tom summer_sensations_by_hyper_tom-d31oas6 One_of_five_____by_hyper_tom My_First_Time_in_New_York_by_hyper_tom-1024x681 Its_all_good_____by_hyper_tom Everybody_gets_tempted_sometim_by_hyper_tom-1024x660 Close_up2__My_first_time_in_NY_by_hyper_tom