Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Eddy Stevens is a Belgium-born, France-based artist. In his spectacular paintings he depicts a world where naked women are fighting against the difficulties of reality, surreal situations and ethereal places. Using the female body as a symbol, Stevens invites the viewer in a universe where its presence both creates and destructs it.

“The female form is not only the most beautiful thing that exists, but it is also of a much deeper symbolic significance than that of the male,” is written on his website and indeed, the surrealistic content of his realistic painted work, gives the feeling of an other dimension existing in parallel to ours. His women stand as that dimension’s goddesses, warriors and servants, while the artist’s exquisite technique and vivid imagination complete his majestic imagery.


 ReconstructieVanEenEmotie2_big ReconstructieVanEenEmotie3_big ReconstructieVanEenEmotie4_big ReconstructieVanEenEmotie5_big VisueleBegeleiding_big AanDeRandVanDeSchaduw_big DeAanvaarding_big DeGeboorteVanEenDroom_big DeImmitatie_big DeInspiratiebron_big DeMuze_big DeVierElementen_big DeZielVanHetBos_big EenzaamInHetParadijs_big HetEiland_big HetWareGelaat_big OnzichtbareBegeleiding_big