Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

New Zealand-born artist Liz Maw, is famous for her iconography of kitsch gods that combine contemporary notions of fame with traditional spiritual symbols.

Influenced by her catholic upbringing, Maw draws on different periods like the Renaissance and many styles to create her vibrant, unique work. Maw’s work consists of fantasy worlds and surreal portraiture, with her hyperrealistic figures being glorified as divine creatures. The power they hold and the eroticism of their bodies, captivate the viewer, making him desire them the way a hunter targets his prey. The women stand as her goddesses and her rebels, and the male-formed figures as her outcasts.

The artist discusses issues like ethics, sex and censorship, while re-opens the long dialogue regarding aesthetics and taste. Through beautiful, sensual women and creepy, perverted men, Maw judges sex and violence and embraces the serene, pure feeling of the female mentality.

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Solar Messiah