by Agape Charmani

Istvan Nyari is an artist based in London and Budapest. His acrylic paintings depict a surreal, dark world where hyperrealistically-depicted dolls, toddlers, toys and people, struggle to interact with each other.

More than struggling, the characters embrace the queerness the artist has given to their appearances and actions. Kitsch, Japanese anime-inspired the works are dipped in the void of their own madness.

As he explains in an interview, Nyari feels like every painting he does is his first one, Every time I start a new painting I have to start everything all over again, I do not remember how I’ve finished the previous one. I start every painting if I had never painted before. There is no routine, no practiced movements, so it is always a challenge to start a new one. In term of techniques I have a total short memory like a fish in a tank within its own surroundings who gets surprised every single second about the world around him. Perhaps this is an advantage or luck, you name it.”


 37_oops 35_hes-gone 33_nuno 30_baby-mannequin 29_duck-hunting 28_finally-i-let-her 27_i-still-dont-know 26_playing-4handed 24_playtime 22_killer-scene 21_whoo-the-fuck 19_love 14_rubber-doll 13_gijoes-and-me 11_barbie-ken-guerillas


44_whisper 42-02_siamese 42_midnightblues 40_silver-bear 39_black-white