Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Georgia-born and New York-based Monica Cook is an artist with an inspired and distinctive body of work. Her surreal-themed, both realistic and hyperrealistic works focus on the female body and its sexuality.

Practicing painting, sculpture and photography Cook is an artist with a certain artistic style and thematic. Capturing portraits of grotesque naked women and bizarre intimate scenes, Cook pictorially exaggerates human expressions and emotions, with her characters balancing between the lines of the real and the illogical.

Met with emotion and humor, Cook’s paintings are disturbing, strange portraits of women, that find themselves in surreal situations. According to the artist, the women she paints are influenced by her, by aspects of her life and personality, and also by features and experiences she doesn’t understand.

“When I’m painting, it’s more about my relationship with the object than it is about me. It’s hard for me to separate myself from the experience. It could be a fish or an octopus. I handle it until it becomes unfamiliar to me so I can see it in a new way. People might want to read into those paintings but for me, it’s just about finding magic in the mundane and exploring further,” she explains about her work.


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