Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

In her latest work, Karen Ann Myers investigates the female body, its sexuality and its insecurity. Taking it into the bedroom, Myers depicts her subjects inside their personal space, laying down, sitting and posing.The artist offer a voyeuristic look inside these women’s lives and emotions, with her paintings presenting both their semi-naked selves and their exposed realities. These girls, are the girl next door, the sister, the friend and the roommate, modern women living  in the city. Myers “captures” them in their environment, a bright, colorful environment that almost suffocates them in its vividness. The artists wants to show that women are seen the same way the carpets and flashing objects are. As vivid, attractive objects that satisfy the viewer’s need for “watching”.

Myers brilliantly hides her women’s sexuality, while they hide their bodies behind sheets and pillows. Some of her subjects show more willing to express their feelings, while others shy away from the viewer, in the comfort of their bed.

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