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Greetings, my brave reader.

Do we really know our history? Or, to phrase it more correctly, do we really know our recorded history? Because, let’s face it, we’ll never know everything that has happened in the past. History changes from nation to nation and from one time period to the next. It’s all just a matter of point of view and, of course, context.
Some facts have been constantly repeated over and over again, resulting in people’s minds being set upon one thing only, a certain way to remain undereducated. So many of what has already taken place either in the near past or in the deepest of ancient times -or anywhere in-between- has been looked over for the sake of other cases that for some reason simply “sold” more.
Below, is a list of some other historical facts that we missed somewhere along the way, my brave reader. Some are more astonishing than others, while some are simply bizarre and plain fascinating. But all of them certainly challenge our perception of the world. Let’s take a look, shall we? Maybe finding out about certain stuff of the past will help us relax about our own times and look at things a wee bit more spherically.

1. The glorious ancient Greek democracy lasted no more than 185 years.

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2. In 1212 AD, 30,000 children took part in what was known as the “Children’s Crusade”. They were sent to capture Jerusalem but most of them either died in the journey or were sold as slaves.


3. In ancient Ireland, it was a gesture of submission to suck a King’s nipples.


4. When Christopher Columbus “discovered” the Americas, there were already 90 million people inhabiting the continent. It was a third of the world’s population of the time.


5. Throughout the entire human history about 100 billion people have died.


6. Humans are four inches taller and about 50% heavier in the past 100 years than they have been during most of human history.


7. From 1530 to 1780 over a million Europeans were captured and sold as slaves in North Africa.


8. In 16th and 17th century Europe, people including priests, scientists and royalty, regularly consumed remedies that contained human fat, blood and bones as they believed them to be a medicine for everything from headaches to epilepsy.


9. The first anti-smoking campaign in modern history was led in Germany by Adolf Hitler.


10. Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon wasn’t short. In fact, he was above average.


11. “The Tale of the Two Lovers” was a popular erotic book written by Pope Pius II before he assumed office.


12. During 5,000 years of recorded human history, only one disease has been annihilated: small pox.


13. From 1814 to 1830 the Kingdom of France’s flag was plain white.


14. We live in the most peaceful time in all of human history.